D-I-Y Eye-liner!

Hello hello readers!

So, I was practically depressed after running out of my M-A-C Fluidline! I have it in “Blacktrack" and it’s my favorittteeeee eyeliner, it never runs, fades, or smudges AKA its FAB. So what do I do?!!!! I enter in… survival mode.

 My creative spirits start kicking in, and I started using my HIP Metallic Duo in Platinum (One side is silver and the other is black) as liner! It’s so simple, just take your eyeliner brush, dip it in face moisturizer, then dab it in the shadow! It works great! I find that the wear is not all that durable because I’ve had to re-apply twice a day BUT it gets the work done, AND it’s shimmery! I LOVE shimmer :) Its also a great tool for smoky eye, obvs!

Now, what if you don’t have black shadow or black liner?! What do you do then!? Well when the water is that shallow your SUPER hidden survival instincts come out: You use your mascara as eye-liner!!! How?! SIMPLE!

Step 1: Take a water bottle cap and flip it to the non-hollow side

Step 2: Take your mascara brush and make sure it is replete with mascara.

Step 3: Place a pea sized blob of mascara on the bottle cap

Step 4: Just dip you eyeliner brush in the blob of mascara and you’re ready to use it! 

*FAB TIP* Try waterproof mascara for a long lasting wear!

P.S. I’ll give a tutorial video on smoky eye soon using Urban Decay & L’Oreal! So tune in ;)

Stay fab,


**Images used from: MAC, Drugstore.com & Examiner.com**